Analysts, warfighters, emergency responders – anyone using geospatial data is aware that sources for 3D data are expanding daily. Airplanes, drones, cars, and people are the new platforms and their “sensors” provide a wealth of new geospatial data to interpret, analyze, and share.

Unfortunately, this data is often distorted, inaccurate, or misaligned. How can users ensure what they are viewing is precisely located? And for more sophisticated users, how can they fuse myriad sources?

For sensor data to align with the real world, it must be georegistered.
Until recently, accurate 3D models representing the complete terrain of the world did not exist, and global high-resolution models were prohibitively expensive to generate. Current methods of precise mensuration rely on stereo images, are labor intensive, and can’t always measure the z-factor where you need it. In addition, a manual process is then often necessary to complete the alignment of the new sensor to the position data.

This paradigm just changed. Vricon Precision 3D Registration (P3DR) synthesizes the Vricon Globe in 3D with sophisticated algorithms to quickly and accurately georegister your sensor data, anywhere.

  • Correlate your sensor data with our Globe in 3D – the most accurate 3D map of Earth
  • Georegister data from many types of platforms confidently and swiftly
  • Create multi-source Common Operating Environments

Vricon’s P3DR can be used with imagery from either single frames or full-motion video feeds. It can be integrated with your servers or onboard your platform. Accurate georegistration of both oblique and nadir imagery — P3DR covers all your georegistration needs.

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