From regions to urban cores, you need accurate geodata to improve current or plan for tomorrow’s networks. Increasing demand for video, 5G, and the Internet of Things requires denser networks, thus increasing demand for accurate, high-resolution geodata. Vricon’s Telco Suite – a big-data solution – provides:

  • Very-high resolution data – up to 50cm – from a single source
  • Detailed 3D Building Vectors with LOD 1-2 quality
  • 4D Bridge Vectors
  • 25+ clutter classes
  • Formats compatible with major RF planning software

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No more low-quality 2D geodata. No labor-intensive and expensive drive testing and model tuning. Vricon’s Telco Suite offers:

  • Exquisite details at lower costs
  • Rapid deliveries on a massive scale
  • Consistent quality with global availability

Vricon 3D building and vegetation vectors in Atlanta, USA. Nationwide deliveries are available in months.

Demo and Consultation

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