Faced with sophisticated adversaries, today’s warfighter requires familiarity with an area before deployment. Training, planning, and rehearsal demand realistic 3D situational awareness—as well as the ability to georeference disparate information. Visualization is critical to success, yet traditional imagery cannot meet demand.

Vricon’s 3D surface models and precise digital elevations enhance GEOINT data—covering the globe to support preparation, rehearsal, and execution. 3D models provide a foundation to correlate information layers, while True Ortho provides lucidity into inaccessible and dense urban areas. This helps warfighters find safe, efficient routes.

  • The best elevation data available
  • 0.5-meter resolution to support route planning with high fidelity
  • The highest-quality 3D models—even in denied areas
  • 3D data available at scale

Georeferencing Information

Remote sensing systems are a critical component of modern Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations. However, limitations in measuring sensor position and point direction have challenged conflation and analysis of data. The current proliferation of sensors makes the challenge even more complex.

Using high-resolution 3D data, Vricon’s GeoRef solution allows analysts to automatically correlate and reference any sensor image with high geospatial accuracy in all dimensions—so you can georeference your data.

Demo and Consultation

See firsthand the most accurate representation of Earth.