Warfighter operations around the world require accurate 3D data for coordinate mensuration and to enable effective mission planning and rehearsal. Military forces need a clearer picture of a target area prior to being on target and situational awareness at an unprecedented level of fidelity. Data from remote sensors—via satellites, manned aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones—needs to be georegistered to align with the real world. 

Vricon’s mission to build The Globe in 3D, the most accurate representation of Earth, directly supports these needs. Plan, train, rehearse, and execute your mission using 3D data that shows the world as it really is – with unparalleled accuracy and precision.  Use Vricon P3DR software and The Globe in 3D to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable georegistration of your sensor data, anywhere.

  • Absolute accuracy: 3 meters SE90, well within CAT 1 accuracy
  • Resolution: 50cm
  • Georegistration of sensor data to the highest-quality 3D models—operate in GPS denied areas

Georeferencing Information

Remote sensing systems are a critical component of modern Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations. However, limitations in measuring sensor position and point direction have challenged conflation and analysis of data. The current proliferation of sensors makes the challenge even more complex.

Using high-resolution 3D data, Vricon’s P3DR solution allows analysts to automatically correlate and reference any sensor image with high geospatial accuracy in all dimensions—so you can georeference your data.

Demo and Consultation

See firsthand the most accurate representation of Earth.