Advances in remote sensing provide decision makers with new answers to key national security questions. As the volume and velocity of remotely sensed data increase, activities at the urban and human scales require a global geospatial foundation to tie observations to each other and the real world.

The detail, accuracy, and consistency of Globe in 3D provide a foundation upon which to correlate and visualize data in an intuitive representation never before possible.

  • Commercial imagery provides intelligence organizations with a consistent foundation across all domains.
  • Streaming 3D technology aligns with IT infrastructure investments within intelligence organizations.
  • Intelligence analysts inside an organization can now truly live and work in 3D like never before.

Georeferencing Information

Strategic and tactical challenges require actionable intelligence, which requires knowing the precise location of data and information. This becomes even more critical when working with multiple types and sets of data.

Using high-resolution 3D data, Vricon’s GeoRef solution allows analysts to automatically correlate multiple data sets with a high degree of geospatial accuracy in all dimensions and create actionable intelligence from disparate sources.

Demo and Consultation

See firsthand the most accurate representation of Earth.