What is Vricon’s mission?

Vricon’s mission is to build The Globe in 3D, the most accurate representation of Earth. It is a georeferenced photorealistic 3D geospatial dataset that is hosted live in the cloud. The Globe in 3D:

  • Is available commercially,
  • Has a 0.5m resolution,
  • Is full color, and
  • Maintains an absolute accuracy of 3m SE90 (Spherical Error 90%) anywhere in the world.

Why do I need a 3D solution?

Our clients in the defense and intelligence fields have called Vricon a paradigm shift. Vricon’s technology offers warfighters, analysts, and decision makers the ability to work in a true and accurate 3D environment, to develop new insights, and to make better decisions faster. Think about getting in and out of a remote hostile location — with Vricon, operators can familiarize themselves with the terrain and situation and achieve better results.

What types of imagery can Vricon use?

Vricon employs sensor-agnostic algorithms that can process imagery from satellites and aerial and unmanned platforms. Vricon’s unique access to DigitalGlobe’s vast best-in-class archive of commercial high-resolution satellite imagery — which, today, exceeds 5 billion km2 — provides an extensive foundation to build The Globe in 3D.

How do you handle licensing?

Vricon provides a simplified licensing model to ensure ease of access to and use of all data in the Vricon Data Suite. We offer enterprise end user license agreements for government agencies and commercial companies with no restrictions on number of users.

How do you guarantee your 3D accuracy without using ground control points?

The source imagery and the build process are statistically validated using ground control points. Vricon complies with industry standards to ensure robustness, traceability, and predictability. Contact us for more information.

What makes Vricon different?

Vricon uses its automated 3D image-processing algorithms inside a state-of-the-art high-performance computing environment with direct access to the world’s largest global imagery archive. This creates an unparalleled geospatial capability and enables the production of The Globe in 3D at an extremely rapid rate and significantly reduced cost.