Vricon technology represents a quantum leap in GEOINT tradecraft. No technology to date can scale 3D to the same degree. Analysts can fuse 3D data with other information to examine situations at the neighborhood, city, regional, and national levels.

Vricon uses automated 3D image-processing algorithms inside a state-of-the-art high-performance computing environment. Coupled with direct access to the world’s largest global imagery archive, this creates unparalleled geospatial capability. This enables us to produce The Globe in 3D quickly at reduced cost.

Our process utilizes available imagery from satellites, airborne sensors, and drones in a process developed through decades of advanced optoelectronics and navigation processing. Our build process eliminates the need for ground control points or digital elevation models to create 3D data and produces very high spatial accuracy.

Commercial satellite imagery gives Vricon 3D datasets an absolute accuracy of 3 meters SE90—with much higher relative accuracy. If an analyst needs to convey a national security situation, they can:

  • Create videos that better illustrate and convey analysis
  • Perform viewshed analyses that flag vulnerabilities
  • Provide situational awareness toward a common operating picture
  • Georeference data from other sources to enhance location accuracy

Vricon Explorer Versions

Vricon Explorer Lite

Typically for general users

Vricon Explorer Pro

Typically for power users and analysts

Vricon Explorer Targeting Edition

Typically for military users

Vricon Engine SDK

Enables integration of The Globe in 3D into third-party applications.

Demo and Consultation

See firsthand the most accurate representation of Earth.