Vricon Explorer software – we offer you a new way to look at a situation or environment via 3D perspectives.

Our software provides an optimized user experience for exploring the most accurate global 3D map available – Vricon’s Globe in 3D – and enables you to add layers of information from your own data sources. Vricon Explorer empowers you to plan and execute missions, interact with decision makers, and do analysis across your entire domain.

Vricon Explorer provides users streaming or disconnected access to Vricon’s Globe in 3D, the most accurate representation of Earth. Built-in tools allow users to visualize existing vector and  raster GIS datasets in 3D, determine accurate 3D coordinates, measure 3D distances and areas with paths and polygons, and perform advanced 3D analytics like rendering dynamic line-of-sight and viewshed graphics.

    Using Vricon Explorer software, you can:

    • Annotate your scene create POIs, lines, paths and polygons, and attach documents and reports
    • Perform viewshed analyses that flag vulnerabilities
    • Use 3D measurement tools (coordinate extraction, distances, areas)
    • Use 3D analysis tools (height profiles, line-of- sight, viewshed)

    Vricon Explorer Versions

    Vricon Explorer Lite

    Typically for general users

    Vricon Explorer Pro

    Typically for power users and analysts

    Vricon Explorer Targeting Edition

    Typically for military users

    Vricon Engine SDK

    Enables integration of The Globe in 3D into third-party applications.

    Demo and Consultation

    See firsthand the most accurate representation of Earth.