Superior accuracy & global coverage for decision support

We build the Vricon Data Suite using commercial imagery and our revolutionary 3D production process. Our products are sensor agnostic, require no ground control points, provide 0.5-meter-resolution, and maintain an absolute accuracy of 3m.


3D Surface Model

Our 3D Surface Model powers the Vricon Data Suite—offering the most accurate representation of Earth.

Derived from the 3D Surface Model are powerful products that include:


Digital Surface Model

Global elevation model with 0.5-meter resolution

Digital Terrain Model

Bare earth elevation model with 0.5-meter resolution

Point Cloud

Full-color 3D point clouds at global scale

True Ortho

Accurate orthoimagery without parallax or occlusion

Federal departments and agencies likely will find it easiest to purchase Vricon data through our GSA contract, which includes a broad EULA that allows the purchaser to share Vricon data with any other U.S. government agency – defense, intelligence, and non-title 50 – and with our five-eyes partner nations. You can learn more about Vricon on the GSA schedule.

We also make B2B (business to business) sales with commercial companies through direct contracts. Contact us for more information.

Demo and Consultation

See firsthand the most accurate representation of Earth.