Emergency responders want to reduce response times. City planners want to leapfrog aging infrastructures. Insurance companies want to analyze flood patterns. Transportation companies want to enhance efficiencies.

Small Pilots to Smart City Initiatives

Urban innovation requires smart data to plan for the best citizen experience. Vricon’s CitySuite scales with your needs, from city-wide asset management to smart 3D mapping—all derived from our 50cm 3D Surface Model.

Products include:

  • 2m Digital Terrain Models
  • 3D Building Vectors
  • 3D Vegetation Vectors
  • 4D Bridge Vectors

A Smart Foundation

Vricon products incorporate satellite imagery, patented algorithms, machine learning, and exceptional source data accuracy for 1m LE90/CE90 relative, 3m LE90/CE90 absolute.

400+ U.S. Cities Available

Our inventory is vast and growing with formats that include:

  • Rasters in Esri BIL and Vertical Mapper GRC/GRD
  • Vectors in Esri Shapefile, Esri Geodatabase, and Mapinfo TAB

Demo and Consultation

See firsthand a Smart Foundation to power your urban planning.