July 10, 2019 - -

Vricon is now teamed with Spatial Networks, a provider of geospatial ground-truth data, and Cesium, a complete platform for building dynamic, 3D geospatial applications, in a new technology partnership that will enable government and industry clients to obtain a more complete picture of remote environments than ever before.

The companies first announced the partnership at this year’s GEOINT 2019 Symposium in San Antonio, Texas, where they demonstrated 3D digital surface models using highly detailed datasets.

Spatial Networks has spent two decades delivering granular, street-level data from even the most complex and sensitive geographies by employing a global network of geospatial professionals, and Vricon provides highly accurate, immersive 3D analytics and data models using commercial satellite imagery and big data analytics. Now that information can be fused and integrated with Cesium’s powerful 3D map-building technology, users have the ability to visualize massive amounts of high-fidelity data in context and on a highly accurate foundation.

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