January 16, 2018 - -

” As long as the GEOINT Community keeps in mind what has been learned from both 2D mobile mappers and gaming aficionados, the move into the Z-dimension should prove as easy as it is worthwhile.”

Vricon teamed with InnerSpace and DigitalGlobe to write The Tipping Point for 3D, an article for USGIF’s Trajectory Magazine.  The article discusses the growing significance of 3D data from many angles. Why? Because in a geo-enabled community in which we strive for more precise answers to complex spatial intelligence questions, traditional 2D correlation is a limiting factor.

When you think about 3D data and maps, modeling buildings in an urban environment seems obvious. However, 3D is incredibly important when trying to understand the exact height of sea level or the uniformity of roads and runways. For example, one can imagine the vast differences in 2D versus 3D data and its application during the 2017 hurricane season. By including the Z-dimension in analysis, we can achieve true, precise geospatial context for all datasets and enable the next generation of data analytics and applications.

A must read – The Tipping Point for 3D in Trajectory Magazine.  It’s the future of GEOINT.