March 30, 2020 - -

Vricon recognizes that we are at an unprecedented moment in history— “business as usual” is not relevant at this time. We believe that the world needs reliable information more than ever, so we’re sharing our COVID-19 update to bring some clarity to our customers and partners.

Our staff. We recognize that the health and safety of individuals is what matters most during this difficult period. As such, we took action earlier this month to transition our workforce to an entirely new approach and change our current protocols. Almost all staff members now are working from home.

Our customers. Vricon recognizes that many of our customers are mission critical, and they rely on our products and services to fulfill their assignments. We are continuing our business operations to meet ongoing schedules and requirements.

Although we place a heavy emphasis on automation and algorithms, we know that producing the most accurate, reliable 3D geodata requires quality checks by people—there has to be a human in the loop. We’ve become creative in protecting our workforce while also ensuring that our customers receive the best-quality geodata.

Our partners. We are working with our partners to develop ways to better access our data, use it remotely, and satisfy user needs through new services. We will be making announcements along these lines in the near future to better serve our customers.

We are trying to do our part to control the potential effects of the new coronavirus among our staff and customers, while simultaneously supporting our employees. We will keep our customers and partners notified of any changes in our operating status.

Stay healthy,