Precise, Scalable Georegistration at GEOINT 2019

Booth 701 | June 2-5 | San Antonio, Texas

Visit Vricon at the 2019 GEOINT Symposium to improve your mission training, targeting, advanced analytics, telco planning or georegistration of sources. Our unique 3D geodata is revolutionizing our customers’ worlds with products that are sensor agnostic, provide 0.5-meter-resolution, and maintain an absolute accuracy of 3m.

Experience the Globe in 3D

See how special operators, telco companies, and intelligence analysts use the Globe in 3D to gain strategic advantage. Demos every day.

For the first time, you can perform analyses in a true 3D environment right on your desktop. With a common, shared 3D foundation, you will better visualize the situation, anticipate challenges, and communicate through exceptional story telling.

Explore Vricon 3D Data

Vricon 3D data takes you around the globe. Experience Tehran, Iran, at  50cm resolution.

Lighting Talk

Forensic GEOINT: Setting Context for Terrorism Trials Using 3D Data in the Courtroom

How do you transport a judge back in time to a distant location? This presentation shows how a law firm used 3D data of Iraq to set the context for a case against Iran involving a series of terrorism attacks that killed and injured U.S. service members.

Case study input for John’s Lighting Talk was provided by SSG Robert Bartlett, U.S. Army, Retired, who testified in the case against Iran.

When: Monday, June 3 | 3:20-4:10 pm

Where: Innovation Corner | Booth 1943 in Exhibit Hall

VRICON Presenter

John Bridgewood

Geospatial Analyst

John has worked in the GEOINT community over the last decade supporting NGA, NOAA, and other intelligence agency communities on a wide range of projects.


Barry Tilton (Moderator)
USGIF Volunteer

Isaac Zaworski
Vice President

GEOINT Foreword Panel

Working with GEOINT at Scale: Leveraging Machine Learning

Joining the panel: Joshua Delmonico, Enterprise Support Branch Chief, U.S. Army Geospatial Center; Michael Enloe, Chief Engineer, US Army Synthetic Training Environment; and Ryan McAlinden, Director for Modeling, Simulation & Training at USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

When: Sunday, June 2 | 10:30-11:15 am

Where: Hall 1

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