Vricon opened in 2015 with our headquarters in McLean, Virginia, and has grown ever since. Originally a joint venture between Saab and Maxar (then DigitalGlobe), we were acquired by Maxar in July 2020.

Our mission to build the Globe in 3D—a revolution in GEOINT tradecraft—offers decision-makers the entire world in highly accurate, immersive 3D. Our 3D analytics and data models depict the world the way it really is. We provide data globally based on your areas of interest in a process that uses commercial satellite imagery without ground control points.

How We Operate

For the first time, analysts can perform their analyses in a true 3D environment right on their desktops. With a common, shared 3D foundation, analysts can better visualize the situation, anticipate challenges, and communicate through exceptional storytelling. Yet, the GEOINT revolution is not limited to intelligence and defense. Telecom, emergency response, and infrastructure planning benefit from our scale, resolution, and accuracy.

What Vricon Users Say

Clients in defense and intelligence call Vricon a paradigm shift. Our technology lets warfighters, analysts, and decision-makers work in a true, accurate 3D environment—developing new insights that enable them to make better, faster decisions.