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New and enhanced capabilities
for military campaigns

Pre Mission

Thorough mission preparations are of high importance and can be the difference between success and failure. Using superior data and efficient tools, pre-mission preparations will be faster and more accurate.

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB)

When preparing for a mission, the process of understanding and using the terrain to your advantage is crucial. Classic examples show that even when outnumbered, victory can be achieved on the battlefield if the specific conditions of the terrain are used advantageously. With Vricon 3D data, an unprecedented situational awareness is guaranteed. Advanced spatial analysis — such as highly accurate line of sight and terrain profiles with instantly recognizable elevation differences, man-made features, and terrain conditions — creates a strategic and tactical advantage. Knowing the opponents’ options regarding deployments and advance-routes is a significant information superiority when planning one’s mission. Enabled with photorealism and high accuracy by Vricon.

Battle Damage Estimations

Many modern conflicts take place in dense urban environments where it is hard to clearly determine a distinct frontline. Enemy, friendly, and non-combatant positions are often in close proximity to one another and also constantly changing locations. Because of the Law of War, anyone in the battlefield must act with prudence and take all necessary actions to prevent third parties from being harmed, including careful calculations of the possible risks of using indirect fire on the wrong position. In such cases, the height, size, and make of man-made structures play a vital part in calculating and assessing potential battle damage. Having access to highly accurate and detailed Vricon 3D data makes such estimates possible on a large scale.

Global Targeting Grid

The ability to accurately and precisely determine a certain location — whether an individual window on a specific building in an urban environment or an exact rock formation on a mountain slope — is of the highest concern for many modern weapon systems. Sophisticated and advanced guidance systems are of little use if the target coordinate has poor resolution and accuracy, especially if the weapon system has a low yield. Vricon offers a global targeting grid of the highest accuracy and greatest availability. An absolute accuracy of 3 meters SE90 — that’s 3 meters in all three dimensions — is the standard delivery format. With long-distance precision weapons and the highly accurate Vricon 3D data, new and more efficient operational standards are made possible.

Mission Rehearsal

Even the best laid plan needs rehearsal to be successful, and Vricon 3D data gives you the best possible environment for war-gaming realistic “Blue vs Red” scenarios. No other system can as accurately describe and visualize the terrain, and mission rehearsals can be played out at both strategic and tactical levels. High-level war gaming at the Brigade level works just as well as testing infiltration and egress paths on a tactical patrol level, or assessing observation points based on high-ground positions with a clear line of sight. Vricon’s highly accurate data reshapes and improves mission rehearsal.

During Mission

Time is always a factor, especially during a mission — but many other things are at stake, too. Having easy access to accurate and decision-ready information when undergoing critical circumstances ensures an advantage and improves the odds for mission success.

Situational Awareness

Planning for all possible contingencies is impossible, and adapting and improvising mid-battle is an enduring challenge for every commander. Vricon’s 3D data and advanced spatial analysis tools help commanders make swift adjustments. For example, a unit’s concern as to how to advance or retreat unexposed is instantly answered with the line of sight tool. A commander can use Vricon’s advanced terrain profile tool to calculate slopes at a granular level and assess if a vehicle can scale a specific route with a moment’s notice. With the ability to explore and simulate routes and OPs, and evaluate enemy positions and exposures; Vricon is a revolution in situational awareness.

GPS Denied Navigation

The ability to conduct aerial operations in environments with denied or disturbed GPS coverage will become a key capability on modern battlefields and a decisive factor for success. By using terrain navigation based on Vricon’s global 3D data coverage, it is possible to perform precision navigation and targeting operations regardless of GPS conditions. This feature can also be applied to planning and navigation procedures for any flying entity, such as cruise missiles with extremely low altitude flight paths. Alternatively, it can be used tactically to congest the GPS environment around friendly units to avoid hostile forces in one’s proximity. With global coverage, Vricon provides a decisive advantage.

UAS 3D Mapping

The battlefield is constantly changing, requiring continually up-to-date intelligence and maps. Supplementing satellite-based Vricon 3D data with a deployed Vricon UAS 3D Mapping Sensor and a Vricon Builder Mobile Processing Unit in the theater, the ability to produce high-resolution 3D data can be brought to the very frontline. Commanders can make critical decisions based on valuable insights of changes in local conditions from the best possible spatial information, updated on an hourly basis. The Vricon 3D data produced can be used for intelligence, planning, and damage assessment and by all aspects of the planning and execution processes, right where it matters most.

Georeferencing Sensor Feed

Although streaming sensor feeds from UAS platforms provide valuable information to decision makers on the battlefield, they often provide poor spatial accuracy, limiting their usefulness.  The Vricon GeoRef system adds the ability to geospatially reference the sensor feed in real time. This feature enhances the spatial resolution of the sensor feed to targeting quality with an absolute accuracy of 3 meters SE90. Operators and analysts increase their efficacy and gain significantly higher situational awareness and positional understanding when the sensor imagery is painted on a canvas of Vricon 3D data through video mosaicing.

Post Mission

In modern warfare, mission success often is evaluated after the action. Superior and accessible information ensures correct conclusions, for both top-level mission reports and operator feedback.

After Action Review

An after action review (AAR) is a structured review or debriefing process for analyzing what happened, why it happened, and how it can be done better by the participants and those responsible for the mission. Using Vricon 3D data as a backdrop for a replay of the action, it is easy to detect how concealed troop movements could have been conducted differently using the advanced line of sight tools. For example, slow forward progress of certain units can be analyzed and explained using slope and terrain visualization tools. The superior 3D data can also facilitate comprehensive understanding for external observers and controllers (OCs) without physical site reconnaissance. Valuable lessons of how the terrain better could have been used can easily be made and shared with the tools available in Vricon.

Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)

Fast and accurate assessments of battle damages are necessary to properly evaluate the success of a mission or campaign and prevent false accusations from opposing forces. Vricon provides large-scale automated BDA functions such as volumetric spatial analyses, i.e. Change Detection. The tool analyses different temporal versions of Vricon 3D data over the same geographic area. A volumetric difference indicates a change in man-made structures as well as terrain features. Thereby, and through ocular examination by IMINT functions, Vricon provides rapid and precise BDA.

Improved SA from boots-on-the-ground information

After finishing a campaign, drawing conclusions and gathering experiences based on terrain usage are vital to improving standard operating procedures (SOPs), especially in operational areas with multiple missions. When operating in a coalition environment, the ability to share a common view based on high-resolution 3D data is extremely powerful for visualizing complex spatial relationships. The rich Vricon 3D data and the ability to overlay common vector data with powerful tools in Vricon Explorer enable a new understanding of specific terrain features. Such conclusions are easily managed and distributed either online or offline. Vricon significantly shortens the feedback loop regarding situational awareness, SOPs, and required operator proficiencies.

Vricon's Uniqueness

Global Coverage

The globe in 3D is available today, and continuously improved.


The absolute accuracy is 3 meters SE90 based on satellite imagery, as proven under operational conditions by Armed Forces.


Deliveries can be made through the cloud within hours of placing an order. Processing does not require ground control points.

Decision Ready

The Vricon 3D data is complete with high-resolution, true textures covering all sides of structures and terrain.